Autumn celebration and volunteer session

Join us this Sunday 18th November at the Wild Walcot garden for a celebration and volunteer session from 10am-12:30pm.

We will be tidying the garden for winter and planting some bulbs for spring and summer next year as well as adding a few new plants.

Weather permitting we are hoping to have a fire and hot drinks and food but if you fancy joining us why not bring something along to share?

It’s going to be a great chance to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into the project this year and make plans for 2019!

Bath in Bloom 2018 award winners!

We are proud to announce that for the second year running the Wild Walcot project has received an award from the annual Bath in Bloom competition.

Bath in Bloom 2018 award Wild Walcot

For 2018 we were awarded gold in the category ‘Battle of the flowers between streets and squares.’ A huge thanks to everyone who put there time and effort into the project over the year.

Simon and Tom represented the group at the awards ceremony where they were presented with a certificate, trophy and a voucher for £75 that can be redeemed at a local garden centre. The money will be going towards plants and materials for the garden and to help keep it looking lovely over 2019!

Big congratulations to Bath Aqua Glass and Walcot Traders for also winning awards at this years event and all their hard work on Walcot street.

Wild sightings on Walcot street

Our junior representative Poppy has been keeping a lookout for the wildlife activity on Walcot street.

“Recently, there have been sightings of ladybirds, bees and other insects on Walcot Street.

There have been several ladybirds on this stone pillar as well as bees flying around, mostly a welcome sight, except when they are about half a centimetre away from your face and buzzing in your ear.  Wasps have also been frequent visitors.

Butterflies, mostly cabbage whites but a few more colourful species, have been investigating some flowers throughout the street.”

Bags of life are here!

On Tuesday 26th June we started our ‘Bags of life’ project at the disused Abbey Gardens Furniture building on Walcot Street. Thanks to a generous donation of plants we have been able to make a start on our living wall – with the plants being housed in donated re-usable ‘bags for life’.

We hope to add more bags and plants over the rest of the summer to create a even more vibrant display and environment for bees and insects.  If you want to become involved in this project or can donate some plants or bags please get in touch via our social media accounts or email.

2018 launch evening

On Wednesday 11th April residents, business representatives and members of local community groups from the Walcot gathered at The Bell to formally launch the Wild Walcot Community Partnership as a constituted community group. A steering group was voted in and process for gathering membership began. These developments enable the group to raise funds to undertake various wildlife projects on and around Walcot Street which aim to create a better environment for those who live, work or visit Walcot Street and the surrounding area.

The event was also the launch of the Wild Walcot Green Corridor. Residents and businesses registered their outdoor spaces to be part of the project and pledged to plant up them up with wildlife friendly plants. If you’re based in the Walcot area then why not register to be part of the green corridor? Whether you have a garden, a yard, a window sill or a pot you can help us make Walcot a better place for bees, butterflies and birds. We are hoping to build an interactive map where people can tag their space but in the meantime if you want to register please contact

The green corridor will also include key green spaces in the area including the pop-up garden that we created in the Cattlemarket car park along with Vegmead and Walcot Chapel graveyard among others.

We’ll be running monthly sessions at the pop-up garden on the first Thursday of ever month from 15:30-18:30pm so do come along and lend a hand.  You are also very welcome to weed, water, harvest or just relax at the pop-up garden at any time. This is a community space and belongs to all of us.

The Wild Walcot Community Partnership is a collaborative, inclusive enterprise. Your interest and involvement is key to enabling positive change to happen. The pop-up garden demonstrates what this looks like in practice and with help we can do so much more.