Make your space wild

Here are some top tips from Avon Wildlife Trust to help you do something amazing for wildlife in your garden and local green spaces.

Things you can do…

for birds and bats

  • Put up a bird and bat boxes
  • Provide nuts and seeds in a bird feeder
  • Plant a tree or hedgerow as shelter and corridors for wildlife 

for pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths

  • Plant wildflowers and bee-friendly plants and seeds
  • Create an insect hotel or bumblee box 
  • Leave an area of long grass as a wildlife area

for all wildlife

  • Create a shallow wildlife pond 
  • Provide a small dish of freshwater daily
  • Relax and let nature do its thing 
  • Create a shelter! A pile of logs, leaves or even a compost bin will provide shelter

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