Autumn celebration and volunteer session

Join us this Sunday 18th November at the Wild Walcot garden for a celebration and volunteer session from 10am-12:30pm.

We will be tidying the garden for winter and planting some bulbs for spring and summer next year as well as adding a few new plants.

Weather permitting we are hoping to have a fire and hot drinks and food but if you fancy joining us why not bring something along to share?

It’s going to be a great chance to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into the project this year and make plans for 2019!

Bags of life are here!

On Tuesday 26th June we started our ‘Bags of life’ project at the disused Abbey Gardens Furniture building on Walcot Street. Thanks to a generous donation of plants we have been able to make a start on our living wall – with the plants being housed in donated re-usable ‘bags for life’.

We hope to add more bags and plants over the rest of the summer to create a even more vibrant display and environment for bees and insects.  If you want to become involved in this project or can donate some plants or bags please get in touch via our social media accounts or email.

Hedgemead Wildflower Meadow Planting

Hedgemead ParkCome and help create a wildflower meadow at Hedgemead Park

Avon Wildlife Trust will be turf cutting and planting native plants sourced from their Feed Bristol growing project.

Drop in from 11am – 5pm in your lunch break, after work or bring your children after school.

All you need is gloves, if you have them, and lots of energy!

For more information contact  Hannah Welsh, People and Wildlife 07458091435

City Nature Challenge, 27th-30th April

Take part in the City Nature Challenge – – and help Bath and Bristol compete with 65 cities around the world to discover and record as much wildlife as possible between 27th-30th April.

All you need to do is;

  • Download the free iNaturalist app
  • Go outside and look for signs of wildlife – it could be a feather, a footprint, an insect, a plant, any kind of nature
  • Take a photo and upload it to the app

All photos are verified, get counted as part of the City Nature Challenge and added to our local records office – so every one you do really does count.

Let’s see how much wildlife we can spot on Walcot Street!

Wild Walcot 2018 launch evening

We’re inviting you to join us for the launch of the Wild Walcot Community Partnership as a formal community organisation.

We want to build on the success of the creation of the pop-up garden last summer with an inclusive project that helps make Walcot Street a better place to live, work and visit.

At the launch evening you can;

  • Sign-up as a member of the Wild Walcot Community Partnership
  • Vote for nominated representatives who will make up the steering group
  • Hear about the Walcot Green Corridor project and plans for 2018

Join us on Wednesday 11th April 2018, 7-9pm, The Bell