About Wild Walcot

Started in 2017, Wild Walcot is a community partnership project which aims to co-design and create a wildlife-friendly green corridor along the length of Walcot Street, supported by the Avon Wildlife Trust, Walcot Traders Association, Vegmead Community Group, and local residents.

Throughout summer 2017, a neglected piece of land next to the Corn Exchange building was turned into a community garden by enthusiastic volunteers, local residents and business owners. The aim is to link this garden and other areas on Walcot Street to the Vegmead Community Garden within Hedgemead Park. The aim of creating a green corridor is to provide a refuge for butterflies, bees and other wildlife, allowing them to easily go from one rich habitat to the other.  Every piece of land or unused space is considered as a potential future green space, from a garden through to a window box or planter outside a shop.

Not only is this project essential for the safekeeping of natural spaces in urban areas, it is a great opportunity for the local community to connect. The volunteer sessions are open to anyone who wants to join and lend a hand, or just have a chat. The project aims to create a more attractive street to support local businesses, rehabilitate abandoned spaces and improve  the quality of life for residents and visitors.

If you are interested in the project you can sign up for our newsletter on this website of follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email at wildwalcot@gmail.com

Watch our video below of the creation of the Wild Walcot Garden in 2017.